Escape? Where do they go?


I have read some topics on this already, however they all seem whiny and poorly written without placing the proper level of pure frustration of the event that has just occurred.

First, why does this even happen? Seriously… where do they go? Half of the time they escape, there isn’t even a fence(at least with me that is). Are they running into a hilltop or cover of some sort? If so, how does that explain the flyers escaping???
Secondly, where did this fence come from? Are we not all in the wild together within our communities? I just find it weird how the little fellers can run through the buildings while my drone still tracks them) of major cities like NYC and Chicago, but somehow duck into mysterious cover just as I am sure to devestate them with 2-3 more direct hits (or totally miss… I’ll never know).

Next, I am no conspirator, however it does seem to happen more often when I am doing well and… even more often on the event Dinos. Also, has this ever happened to you? You have been searching high and low for a specific epic that you need their dna to try and level that one Dino you need that is a counter to the one Dino that always kicks your booty in arenas and you spot him/her (however they identify). You sneak up within 2-5 meters, you launch your drone, you actually don’t mess up the 1st hit!!! Then seconds later… BAM like a dump truck to your face “Creature Escaped”. You look at the screen to see what happened, no timer, no warning, no more Dino. However, you got just what you needed for one fuse. So excited, you go right to the screen to make your little guy bigger, stronger, and tougher and BAM!!! There it is again, a big fat “10” How do you like me meow???

Lastly, I’ll just say it how it is. It’s moments like that, that bring my blood pressure to a point that is not conducive to supporting human life. To be honest, it hurts because we invest so much time, money, and emotion into these little pixelated creatures, we just want them to be the best version of themselves…

Thanks for your time (if you made it to the end) and thanks Ludia for making a game that brings me so much joy and frustration at the same time!




What i find wrong is ViP players suffer the same. I think it is a unfair that we pay money and then get cut short on the deal. Hence why many players have claimed their money back.

I dont pay for vip for this reason it is frustrating even thougj it doesn’t happen all the time the fact it does is wrong. But then so is the fact we get stygy gen 2 allllll the time in incubators


Look, I can understand land based dinos running head onto the chicken fence and conjuring an escape but a flying dino as well? Can’t they like just fly OVER it? :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I pay for the vip as well. I have no qualms about it. I hope they spend my money wisely and find new and exciting ways to make improvements. I am not as much complaining as I am just venting my frustrations. In no way do I want my money back. They gave us a game that is a lot of fun and that my family and I enjoy playing together. But damn I wish those little boogers would stop out running my drone…


When they hit the fence they should stay stunned an easier to dart.


Now that would be fun!

I admit this game is fun enjoy looking for dinos, however i feel like a thief, wrongen or like someone acting shifty when I mooch in and around parks, peoples houses and shops to get supply drops and dinos and it hurts even more when they escape haha


The way I see it is that they “escape” out of your range. You dart with a drone. The range for controlling the drone is not infinite…
If they walk out the limits they escape, that’s it. It’s not something like a fence. Once again it’s the way I see it.

But I agree while it’s okay with lot of dino, pterosaurs just escape too much with VIP. It’s like 85% of the time…


I think you’ll find that the “fence” is meant to represent the maximum range of the drone.


Good point…

We must have the cheap drones then. You would think extended battery life would fix that 33% of the time.:thinking:


I think it’s hilarious myself. Doesn’t really bother me when it happens. But for the sake of this conversation, I’ll share one of mine from today.

I’m level 19, therefore I get 29 DNA per direct hit.
Shot a stegosaurus 11 times fast, all perfect direct hits.
Got 319 dna after it “escaped”
11 rapid perfect shots and it never turned once.
Walked right to that wall with 3 seconds left lol.

No biggie, just funny. Another 58 dna is of little consequence in the end.


Well said sir


I agree that the extra few shots are not going to make or break. It’s really more the principal. There are two time checks, drone battery and then a wall. After this update, I have roughly 60-70% of the flyers make an escape. And probably 40% of my ground ones. I’ve never asked for any refunds because of it or anything like that, I’m just annoyed that it’s even a thing when one time check should be enough.

Also, with how fast those TRex get going after 5-6 :dart: in them … how are they only 102 speed lol


The Dinosaur Protection Group has always operated on a shoestring budget. Drones are no exception. I wish they’d give us those wicked DJI Phantoms, but nooooo… we end up with the wal-mart “bargain-priced” drone from the toy dept. (Mine has “Air Hogs Helix Sentinel” on the case)

Maybe when Claire gets us federal funding, we might start to see better drones, not sale items taken from the shelves of toy departments.


That was a brilliant response to our current star of affairs. Well done.


Can’t the drone just fly over the fence too ???


The fence isn’t a physical barrier, it represents the point at which your drone runs out of battery. It has a finite range.


I hear and understand exactly what you are saying. Although, I strongly disagree. If that were true, then what is to stop a Dino you pinged on the edge of your drone’s range to just turn and escape after the 1st hit???

I believe the truth here is the “escape” is an unnecessary mechanic that should be eliminated. Going back to Mr John Wayne’s comment that states it is not that big of a big deal of points lost. Although I agree with him on the surface, add those points by hundreds for commons, then consider that you may not see that epic or in some cases legendaries again for weeks or ever. It can be significant over time or end up costing you valuable time.

Still love the game and having fun playing it.


They don’t actually escape, they just suddenly hide from you as soon as they get a chance.


Kind of silly considering i can enter a fight at 200m with something, it should be right at the wall in that case. There is probably an underlying coding issue with the darting session (limited map assets loaded, etc) but there really is no logical reason to limit us. We already have a time limit. They need to remove the walls as they are just bad game design, especially for VIP.


The extra shot or two sure can make or break when it’s an epic and it can mean the difference between one fusion or two. And when you’re paying for VIP, it’s all the more infuriating. My Alanqa would be level 15 already if not for EVERY SINGLE ONE escaping me during the event last week. A few even escaped before the 3 second timer started counting down!! In my opinion, that’s just absurd and unfair.