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Escaped boss


Okay lately the bosses in How to train your dragon have turned into pokemon go bosses they bolt . But they do come back. But this time a defeated boss went to claim my rewards and it said he escaped anyone know if that comes back :thinking:I’d like my rewards if it would so kindly return them I’d appreciate that :laughing:

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You can only get your rewards of you defeat the dragon Alpha. Since your clan didn’t do that, any and all rewards you would’ve gotten are forfeit. I think it’s fair. You only get prizes if you defeat the Alpha.

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Pretty much what Dinobai said. It would be nicer, though, if we could simply choose the Alpha difficulty based on the unlocked Alphas.
I called it day 1: "it’s basically “X level alpha is 100% killed, X+1 level alpha is 100% not killed”. So it’s a day of effort, followed by a break. Not unless you shuffle the clan or people get solid upgrades… and coordinate.