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Ethics of tanking down arenas (losing on purpose)

So I’ve been one fuse off leveling my monominimus for over a month. I’m thinking of dropping a tone of matches to get to the bad lands as I’m under the impression I’m more likley to get mono DNA. I’m also after Irritator and don’t mind Para either so it is really enticing. Thoughts

No. That is false

Galli DNA is only available in Jurassic Ruins, same with irrirator.

I’ve got Gallimimus DNA for now I’m just 25 epic Monolophosaurus DNA short for over a month.
And are you sure about the Irritator?

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Does this mean I can ONLY get Irritator DNA in the Bad Lands?

I’m in Lockdown (Arena 6) and the only time I generally get Irritator is from the 15 minute incubator that usually just nets me 17 dna.


That’s what I am doing. Once down here be very patient it takes awhile to get the DNA but you will. I get Irritator DNA a lot

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Can I ask why?
If it’s that losing is abhorrent and it’s blasphemy to even consider it, then wouldn’t be better to say so? Most of the comments were for this strategy. :+1:

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Lower lvl players hate it cause they don’t have Dino’s to compete once you finish dropping and switch to A team. Just ignore the hate! the tops do it to people below them and then every level below does it to level before etc some Dino’s just don’t spawn that often and are easier to grind from dropping and also winning consistently cause you don’t have to fight overpowering cheat teams is the only fun place in arena!. Can be a great way to get out frustrations of all the cheats up at higher arena levels!!!

Not only, but you have a slight high chances because RNG chooses among few dinos.12 rares instead of 15 if you are in arena 7.

You are right, monolofosauro and irritator are in the badlands.
For all, this is the whole list of the dinos you can gain in every arena:

I am thinking about dropping down too, to gain Rajasauro and Monolofosauro dna. There is no reason to flag your thread, dropping down is something that exists from the beginning of the game and Ludia is well awared about it, seen that they moved T-Rex from arena 1 to arena 7. It is 100% legit.

Maybe I will be the kind of player that will keep swap my best dinos (without SIA :sweat_smile: ) when I need to loose or drop, and smash the opponents when I need to fill the incubators… Too lazy to keep changing my team seen that there is also plenty of strike events and, when I am outside of my house, I simply don’t have time to continue switch my team.

We definetively need more decks!! If so, I will play arena battles changing my team with a simple click.

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Ludia needs to carefully address this issue. People losing on purpose is never a desirable thing to happen in your game.

This is what I’d propose: Split the arena system in two: the current one we’ve always had, so we can keep playing and ranking as usual, and a new system based on arena selection, where each arena has level and other restrictions (such rarity or specific species) to guarantee fair play. Overleveled dinos would be adjusted to the arena requirement, in the same way they are adjusted in battles with friends. Additionally, both systems would have their own incubator slots working independently, allowing us to hatch an incubator from classic system and new system at the same time (I guess this small concession would not ruin Ludia’s economy).

This new system would allow players to snipe for specific dinos (arena rewards) they might need, without ruining the players’ experience in lower arenas.

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The problem is: that even with dropping down levels, it is not fair for new and seasoned players, trying to level up, when you cannot get into the next arena because the players who are at level 20 are playing against players who are playing at level 10. It is like having an NBA team play against a junior high school basketball team. NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER TO WIN.
If you want to go down one arena for the needed DNA, you should have certain dinos (based on level or type) blocked.
It makes new players want to quit playing and people, who have been playing since day 1 of the official launch, throw their phone against a wall.

This person was tanking on purpose and should not be at a 2 star arena.