Euoplocephalus common in L1?


Euplocephalus was so abundant earlier, that I used to dart it once, just to get if off the map… Since version 1.3, it has completely disappeared from L4, where I do most of my hunting… I believe it has migrated to L1… I desperately need its DNA to help fuse my Tragodistis and have discovered an L1 area not far from where I live. Just wondering whether it is common in L1 and, if yes, what time of day or night. Any responses will be greatly appreciated!


Yes it’s an L1 spawn.

Day/Dusk/Dawn :blush:


Thanks, Heather, I will give it a go this weekend!


Loads and loads of them in L1


One thing that ive found to be helpful in hunting commons lately are common scents… they spawn all over l1 so there not rare at all im currently sitting on 12k dna but if your impatient youd prolly net alot out of a stack or two… ive been using common scents to speed up ankly gen 2 farming… 3 night of hunting on average 7 scents a night… some walking and some sitting…
I got roughly
5k ankly gen 2
4k velociraptor
2k stego
600 kaprosuchus
500 utah raptor
300 nodosaurus
Some charlie and edmontonsaurus
150 meglosaurus
And countless lythoronax and pursassorus gen

Rares never spawned while stationary. So if you just want the commons that might cut down on unwanted spawns.


Actually with a common scent I got one Caprosuco yesteday and a Nodosauro the other day :heart_eyes:
Both stationary on my couch


I just ment with my last three nights they never spawned while i was sitting… not that they couldnt…my daughter got a sino from a common scent yesterday… i was happy for her and upset at the same time since i only need 16 for level 15…


The “never” word could mislead :wink:


Tried the common scent capsule today in an L1 area. Euoplocephalus showed up straightway! I was really excited. After that, got 2 Stegosaurus and the little annoying alligator thing… Problem is, I can only hunt daytime in L1 areas max. 4 days per month, when I am off work…


Managed to collect 1000+ Euoplocephalus DNA, which gave my Tragodistis a 40 DNA boost! Thanks for the advice, good buddies!