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Euoplocephalus gone?


Havent seen her in about 2 months where did it go?


It was global spawn before ver.1.3, and now become local spawn.
They got 4 local spawn group, so you must go out and find another place (maybe several km away) with Euoplocephalus, if you need their DNA.

You can check metahub, they got detail spawn mechanism article.


Metahub is basically useless! What we need is a location specific way to find the dinosaurs we need! Unfortunately than people would use it to do the dreaded S word!

Let me put it this way I cannot find many dinosaurs I need within a 100 km and more radius so my only hope is incubators or a park event or simply live with it!

That last part is what I do!

What bothers me most is within that 100 radius all the dinosaurs are the same so IMO
This is what ludia wants and like the 10 dna fuse will never change


Been cycling for km in different directons the past few weeks havent found them yet, how can i find where spawn group 4 is? Is there a map or just by finding dinasaurs of that group? Is there going to be a migration again soon? Same dinos for ages now in my city


I get lucky to find euoplo DNA in incubs anymore. What happened? I can’t level my Amargacephalus anymore without the Euoplo DNA…


each zone is only a couple miles wide. you can easily travel through all 4 in about 20 minutes.


Euplo it’s sharing a zone with lytrhonax and purrusaurus on day/dusk/dawn and if you see that dinos you are in the correct area. At least that information it’s that i like most from metahub and it’s accurate, so if you can identify the zones it would be more easy to catch the dino that you want


I have found all 4 local spawn zone types in my town. Just look at metahub (which is most definitely not useless) to know what the key common spawns are in each of the 4 zones and it makes it easy to identify the areas around you.


Just tagged one tonight. One. It was the only one I’ve seen in the wild here in a long time.


I finally found the right zone, on vacation right now so trying to catch as much as i can :smile:


Not that there is an entire event revolving around them :joy: