Euoplocephalus stronger than its hybrid?


This has to be some kind of mistake. Why would an epic hybrid be weaker than one of its common components? I present to you, Euoplocephalus and its epic hybrid Amargocephalus, at the same level… Amarg sadly seems… not-so-epic :pensive:


Do you notice that Amargocephalus got 2 additional moves?
One is 100% shield, the other is 2 turn slowdown.

Every dino with bypass armor attack could easily destroy Euoplocephalus.
But Amargo could tank once, and use slowdown to get 2 turns attack faster.
That’s why it better than Euoplo.

But both of them are very fragile when opponent got defance-shattering attack.:thinking:


Amargo doesn’t have the damage for the kind of staying power needed at that level, and the loss of 400+HP only hastens its demise.

It’s weak enough that its low damage doesn’t even threaten a low-HP Velociraptor enough to switch out.

Its best use would be against the Compsognathus idea being discussed in another thread, but since that’s not a reality, I’m not sure when to advocate using this one, except as a stepping stone to Tragodistis.


Interesting that it goes for many legendary or epic hybrids that commons are stronger or at least just as good.


I think you’re using the term “stronger” a little too narrowly.
Yes, the Common variant has more HP, Damage and Speed, but it’s no where near as versatile due to it’s limited move set.

If the only reason it’s in your line-up is to absorb blows, then yeah, use the Common.
But if you want the utility, the hybrid is the way to go.


Amargocephalus certainly needs a small buff but it’s still better than Euoplocephalus. It’s not all about stats, also about skills and Amargo has a much wider and useful skillset than Euoplo. Still not powerful enough for an epic, though, but better than Euoplo.


Amargo is simply fuse food for tragodistis which is a fast tank.


The good thing of this game is that there is no reason to rush for having super epic unique legendary dinos to win, you can also win hunting common dinos that spawn regularly in your area. They are more or less all balanced.
So yes Amargocefalo has less HP than Euplocefalo, because she has a larger moveset. But this is true also for Stegosauro and his hybrid Stegoceratopo for example. So if someone lives in an area in which Triceratopo doesn’t spaw, he can win battles anyway with his pumped up high levelled Stegosauro that spawn anywhere anytime.


Yeah but the example of stegoceratops isnt valid since stegoceratops is a beast and stegosaurus is only ok


But it’s exactly valid because it exactly illustrates the point being made.
What makes Stegoceratops a beast is the expanded move set. Not the speed or HP or damage, but the ability to basically slow and stun-lock anything which isn’t immune.

Stego can slow things, but can’t stun them.
Trikes can stun, but not slow.

Stegoceratops can do both and that’s what makes her better.


Okay, here are two options: levelling my Euo or putting aside her supply of DNA waiting my (6 level) Amargasaurus will be ready?
(Bear in mind that I’m in Arena 3).


Save the dna for the hybrid in long term, eu isnt so good cause havent any cc and a lot of dinosaurs ignore defense


Amargasaurus just became a global spawn with the latest migration so you can wait. Amargocephalus will require 200 Euoplocephalus DNA per fusion so you should get as much as you can while you level Amargo