Euoplocephalus - yay or nay?


I have two tanks in my team currently - Stegosaurus, and Euoplocephalus (I’m close to getting Stegoceratops, but Triceratops rarely spawn around here). But the more I battle with Euoplocephalus, the more I just can’t seem to find a good use for her.

Against another tank around the same level? Possibly win. Against anyone else? Say goodbye, Euoplocephalus. I put her in my team to counter raptors, but she’s still losing against them, unless they’re beneath her level (and if the user wants to play the ol’ switcheroo game? She’s going down to that dino even if she takes no further damage, all thanks to Pounce).

At Level 14, should I bother levelling her further? Or leave the DNA to work on Amargocephalus when I can?


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Euoplocephalus might not have the instant invulnerability that epic Ankylosaurus has, but used in combination with Stego at higher levels, those two can be Lifesavers. First, they’re both armored, so damage gets knocked down a bit. But Stego has the Thagomizer attack which not only doles out the pain, it slows faster enemies down. A Steg can be a raptor-killer when used correctly. Euoplocephalus is best used against sauropods like apatosaurus, or against a Rex. Its Impact move can knock quite a bit out of any big carnivore. Follow it up with a couple of the basic strikes, and Rex becomes more vulnerable to damage.

I don’t plan on ditching either one yet.


Sorry all my dinosaurs are male chauvinistasuruses :joy::joy::joy:


Euoplocephalus has always been a mainstay in my team and even now as I approach 11th level she does me well in the Arena.


I agree with the other players here about her being a mainstay on my team. I’m only a low level but she an einiasuchus have saved my arse many times when playing against players who are dropping down arenas an hitting me with high level Dino’s.


Euopolocephalus hasn’t been in my team for quite a while. It may have armor but its damage output just doesn’t do it. Best to save the DNA for Amargacephalus, which has the same amount of armor as Euoplo but more versatility. And even then Amargacephalus itself is pretty much outclassed by Nodapatosaurus, which has less armor but so much more HP that it doesn’t matter.


Thanks everyone. I’ll keep her in my team for now, but I’ll probably end up switching her out soon. I’m close to the final arena, and she’s just not doing enough damage to make her that useful. Dinos like T-Rex’s are just knocking her out (sometimes with 1 hit crits) and my Stegosaurus does a much better job at protecting the team from pesky raptors. If Impact worked more like Pounce (1 cooldown), I think she’d be a lot more useful.


I had it in my team at level 20 for a good while, even in sorna marshes. I swapped it out recently but I reckon it still has its uses.


Getting euoplocephalus dna to upgrade amargocephalus is not an issue, they are so common. It’s whether you want to spend the 8000 on the upgrade. It might. Be better developing other creatures.


I didn’t actually put her on my team until I reached the Sorna Marshes and she’s proving herself pretty good so far.


Yeah, no… Every attack a Rex has ignores all of the Euoplo’s armor.
It wouldn’t last two rounds against a Rex.

I would never pull a tank against a Rex, the Rex is a tank-counter.


In terms of speed, the Euplo has it all over the heavy footed Rex. I’m able to knock down Rexes that are level 12 in arena 5 with impact, followed up by basic vulnerability strike. It also boils down to the other player, and if they’re really good at using the Rex. In some cases it seems like they have her on a team more as a demoralizing aspect, hoping to make the defending team panic and make mistakes, like switching out for a different dino so that Rex gets 2 attacks due to the opponent’s “summoning sickness”.


Pics or didn’t happen. :stuck_out_tongue:


It might not happen all the time, @Zovo… I probably just got really lucky. I haven’t had that happen in a while. And then, only once. I can maybe 2-shot or 3-shot if I don’t die before then. But as a common tank, Euo stands in a class of her own. She’s more like a battleship at high enough levels.


Oh, yeah, I’m not knocking her tanking capabilities in general; just her usefulness in countering Rexes.


I think that it may have been that I ran into someone who didn’t know how to use Rex properly.


I’ve not once seen an opponent switch in a Euoplo and worried about what it would do to me. I’ve absolutely never lost a match to a Euoplo. Its attack stat is far too low to be worrisome. I can switch a T. rex into its Impact and still live the turns required to kill it.


Agree with that, I do the same thing with mine.