Why do they put this crap dinosaur in the Park event? I have over 9000 DNA still to use …


If only they let loose the elusive Amargasaurus too… But this dino ain’t crap. I’m in the Nublar Jungle now, and I still have her. She’s my tankiest member of the team.


Euoplocephalus is a rather nice common dinosaur. The problem is that it’s too common, so the event doesn’t really help as she is everywhere. But we can’t get the most awesome epics every day lol take this day to rest and go hunting the epics this weekend :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I’m planning to do. Have over 3000 of this DNA so don’t need to hunt today.


I’m sure its realated to all the Raptor complaints. My Euoplocephalas is level 15 with 2855 health and survives first hit from everything I’ve come across so far (except Indo that one time) because of 40% armor. It can’t make it past second pounce but if you can use vulnerability strike first then impact you get the raptor out or pretty close to done. She has a place on my team without a doubt and she’ll remain there as long as she can take the hits.


Haha good for noobs :+1::crazy_face: great dino for hits and leveling up to about 16 then hybrids start coming to light at arena 2. It’s useless now to me but man the armour is smashing can handle low level raptors at start also



I haven’t even collected it yet and have 20,000 DNA sitting .

DinoLord out!!


Nah I don’t accept this, my level 19 Euo stays in my team. She can withstand some amount of hits :blush:


I guess after the special events they just had to put a bad event afterwards… I don’t know. I’m looking forward to what this game holds for the future. I specifically want all the four raptors!

From your m8 ECHO and the whole community.


Rogered* Yup I was questioned by this too. The truth is, they did it because they could.



Such a waste of event day in my opinion


Yes, it is very very common but i like its armor, so far is the highest in my team so have not swapped it since the day i got it. If only events are more for those harder to find dinos would be good