Hi all,

I used to find this dinosaur everywhere in abundance. Now it’s very rare it seems. Anyone know why this is?

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I’ve heard there are groups of dinos that are tied to different zones, each zone with different commons, rares, and epics.
I think they changed the zones with the last update, since my old common dinos have been replaced by plentiful stegosaurs and apatosaurs


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I used to see them around here a lot, too. But when Ludia started making dinos actually migrate, the population densities of certain species shifted around. I now see more Anky Gen2 here than Euo.

It’s different, depending on where you are. It’s just a matter of being patient. They’re not gone for good, they just went on holiday.


I dont see them anymore near my house but thr drive to the dog park i see them all along the highway. I have to pick and choose if i go for them though cause dont wanna miss an epic cause im on the catching screen :joy:


I see them all the time at home. Have you tried visiting local zone 1? If you see some purrusaurus gen 2 or lynthronax within the area, you in the right place.


@Calebrys This is off topic of the OP but I wanted to ask you how you figure out where a Local Zone # is located? I’ve read the metahub thing and it lists 4 local zones but I didn’t see where each zone is at.


The zones are chosen by a mapping company. They are not listed in any tangible way in game. You have to look at what dinosaurs are spawning where to deduce where the zones are.


I just cruise around block to block and pay attention to the night spawns. I notice that in the suburbs area, local zones tend to be separated by major streets. I made a little map of the few routes that I take and labeled the zones to give an idea.