Euplocephalus, where art thou?


So… it seems like I’m absolutely unable to find a single Euplocephalus in my city. Up to the big update, it was the most common dino around, and I had built quite a “levelling up strategy” around him. Now, since the update, I’ve been able to find him only three times. It’s kinda funny, considering I wanna mix it with Amargasaurus, and I’ve found THREE Amargasauri today - so, I’m overflowing with Amarg. DNA, and I’m stuck with Euplo. Anyone having the same issue?


Must be in same zone type as me cause i only see them 3 miles away when going to the dog park on the highway lol


They’re everywhere in my neck of the woods!


Send them my way :joy: havnt caught one in 3 days cause of rain and the only way im going out there is if a epic pops up near my house


There is one right now beside my house, sorry :joy::joy:


Why is yours lvl 21 :astonished: drop that baby down to 15 and give me all the excess dna :joy:


This :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: (20 characters)