European AMC/Walmart offers?


With the North American region having the Walmart & AMC offers available to them, can we in Europe have something similar? Like UGC and some typical store brand, that is in most EU countries, like Lidi or something?

Just to make it a bit more even from all players :slight_smile:


Wallmart probably sponsored the event, so you would need a European store to sponsor the game to get the same result. It’s sort of marketing to get people to come to the wallmart stores.


Thats what he’s asking for mate :slight_smile: they just need to try and work some type of deal with european stores hehe


Yeah I know how Marketing, Licensing & PR works Viper69 :slight_smile:

But it’s more of a suggestion to Ludia to hopefully get the creative juices flowing or maybe they have something in the works, but due to legal reasons they are not able to provide any information at this moment in time.

I just hope that in the future, we will see some similar events happening in Europe.


Asda is owned by wallmart but I dont know if it’s as spread through Europe like Tesco’s is.

I went to watch the movie on release day and was disappointed there was not a special dino to collect there - THAT would have been awesome!


I know asda is owned by Wal-Mart. I say I know I’m pretty sure asda is owned by Wal-Mart


Damm you tj and you’re fast fingers you beat me to that :grin: