EuroPosse looking for active players

Hey! We are a group of gals from primarily Europe (a few of us are from the states including myself) who really enjoy the game and want a few more active players to kill alphas with us.
Currently defeating 7 stars. Join us and get level 7 alpha chests (get 4 star dragons in your alpha chests!)
Only requirement is that you love the game, will usually play daily, and want to improve.

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Hi there! I love playing this game daily and would love to join as my current clan is super dead. I have also been a long httyd fan. I play daily except when life commiments come in the way. I am a fellow asian girl from south east asia :). I am currently at lvl 43.

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sent you a DM! would love to have ya!

Is there a spot for an active 2800bp player?

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Do you have Discord?

we don’t have a discord channel for our clan but I am on discord!

sure if you’re playing often per day! DM me your user ID

Hi! I am new to the game but i have been a fan of HTTYD for a long time, may i join your clan? (I am lv 13) I am very active. Thanks!

Sorry I didn’t follow up. Dnt usually use Ludia :frowning:
I am still willing to join your guild if possible

Hey @Sienna_Meadows
I dnt have discord but am a active player
Are you part of euro passe?

No, I am not

i’m not a big user here but we are recruiting again if you’re still looking for a clan :slight_smile:

hy,I’m a 39lvl player and I want to join your clan

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sounds good i’ll send ya a DM