Evaluation of the Leap Year Creatures event

First of all I love the idea of making an event out of the pun with leaping creatures when it is a leap year!

And it was very generous with 5 attempts on legendaries and a unique! :star_struck:
Plus twice as much coins as usual :money_mouth_face:

The only issue with the leaping creatures is that there were so many of them!
15 different creatures and only 24 hours to find the one you want :hear_no_evil: :fearful:

And it’s a bit frustrating seeing the easily obtainable Velociraptor, and the pretty easily obtainable rare raptors, over and over again, when you are chasing a specific legendary (for me it was Alloraptor). Most of these raptors would only be used for ingredients for the legendary and unique leaping creatures in this event anyways. (No offense to whoever want them more than the legendaries)

After some intense hunting with the help of public transport I finally ended up with 4 attempts on Alloraptor and 1 on Indoraptor gen 2 though :star_struck: 20 minutes before the event ended I got the remaining 90 DNA I needed to get Alloraptor to level 21! Before the event it was level 19 :raised_hands:t2:

So all in all an amazing event, just that my advice for next time is to reduce the amount of creatures to at least epics, legendaries and uniques!:grin:
Greetings from me and Alloraptor


I agree. Maybe next time they could make it a leap year week and have the rarities and creatures spread through the whole week.


Lucky you. After 5 hours of hunting saw exactly 0 legendaries on 150+ event drops. Saw yesterday Alloraptor and Indo g2, while Pyrri was out of reach. Wanted Pyrri, ended with 3 Blue, 1 Gamma.


That was hard. 1 indoraptor, 2 indo g2, and 2 allorap.

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This event was an embarrassment and Ludia should contract Niantic for events, because this one was just over the top stupid in its implementation.


It probably would have worked if they had removed all the orange drops and replaced them with the special drops. There were about the same amount of leap year drops as there were regular green drops, despite having a much larger pool of dinos available from them.

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Fully agree. Great random event, and I’m thankful for the free coins and DNA. A bit too many creatures, like you said maybe cancel out the common and rares. Or yes, spread it throughout the week. Either way, they want to give us a random day full of coins and valuable dna, I’ll take it. Thank you!

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You poor soul😢

Without the orange drops we wouldn’t get twice as much money though. But yeah the orange drops could at least had been reduced to the strike tower stops.

They could’ve just made the Blue drops share resources with the orange stops the same way they made it share with the green. The only extra coins we got were from the chests bc green and blue shared resources.


Thank you for making this post. I also really enjoyed this event. It felt like a real hunt!


This wasn’t the reality for the vast majority of the playerbase.
After going through the gauntlet and seeing what it took, I’m going to guestimate very few had a generous 5 attempts at legendaries and uniques.
The coins were good though.
What could they have done better.
Remove the commons and rares. (Maybe even just the commons?)
More people would have had a shot at the legendaries then.
Can’t think of a way to improve the coins though.
They nailed it on that aspect of the event.


What a complete disaster.

As happened with previous needed to drive +50 km to find some common DNA. Green, blue and other stops are not balanced. Having to drive so many km for absolutely NOTHING means Ludia is not doing its work well done everywhere and this makes all FLYERS appear again to catch what they need.


Well I drove for 6 hrs and and the end was stuck at 4 tries and then only 2 mins were remaining so I just gave up and went for pyroraptor . But the game froze. I restarted the game and it got stuck on 17/27 . This happened twice. Worst part was not missing one try but six hours of driving and that too in direction where I could see these drops and only finding indoraptor three times, 1 smilocephalosaurus and one indo gen 2 was the only ones in legendary and unique level I found. Indoraptor 4 times and one smilo I darted . But the info gen 2 was in private property. And later didn’t find any. Only velos and rare creatures. Pyroraptor 3 times , blue twice, and one epic smilo were the only epics. So hat’s off to Ludia for wasting my Sunday on things I couldn’t find. For the last try I wasted 3 hrs and no luck

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Yeah if I didn’t put in a ridiculous effort to travel for hours all over the city, I wouldn’t be too successful either :sweat_smile::joy:

Let’s hope that Ludia learns from this! It was a fun idea, but not that easy to execute :sweat_smile:

You can easily fix this kind of events with two easy things.

  1. Don’t put two events happening at once. They should have reworked the week around the leap year day.
  2. A smaller, more focused pool of dinos. It should be difficult but not a miracle to fulfill this events with a smile on your face.

Yeah, you can add or change more things… but this two basic ideas are enough.


More justification that this is indeed a driving game, not a game where you can walk and play.

Stay safe out there while driving and playing.


Spawn Dilution, Congestion, Large spawn pools, Too little time

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Passengering and playing it should be