Evasion 3 turns too long?

First thing, I use indroraptor gen 1 and Procra on my team. They have good movesets without needing to crutch on evasion. 75% chance to do only 33% damage is too much for 3 turns. Add to that a 3 turn cool down makes even less sense. 2 turns seems more balanced, more tactical and less of a crutch move. Anyone else think so?

  • Evasion should only be 2 turns
  • Evasion should stay 3 turns

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Just use creatures with abilities (Precise, Definitive or Nullifying)

Or luck!

Before you could stay 3 turns without taking damage,and now you can give Damage no matter what


With the amount of ways around dodge, 3 turns is fine.


I like it at 3 turns. There are some creatures with Evasive Stance that could use some nerfing in my opinion (G2 Indo, Procerathomimus) but I’d rather see them nerfed in ways other than Evasive Stance. G1 Indo’s still well-behaved, and I don’t really want to see that one underpowered again like it was a few months ago


There are ways around everything. But with each thing requiring a hard counter move, teams being randomly selected and a hit and miss matching system a lot of matches are won/lost before the first move is made.

The first turn is used up setting up the move, and the remaining two can be used to attack the opponent. Seems fine as it is, since the user can take damage on all three.
And any precise/definite/nullifying abilities can give the opponent a free turn too, with the right prediction, so it doesn’t seem too bad.

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True, depending on your team. As more hybrids are added, new combinations of abilities are always being added with them, and new abilities too.
Putting together a team that always has at least 1 evasion counter shouldn’t be too hard at present, and it’ll probably get easier as time goes on.

Stalling by using your own Evasion moves like Sidestep can also be used as a strategy to hit the opponent hard for that one turn in between Evasive Stances. You don’t have to remove the evasion.

Swap in nullify is an awesome move to have A unique with it would be great.

Skoolasaurus could get a Unique soon, and apart from Procerathomimus it’s the only creature with SI-Nullification.
Theoretically Procera could get a Unique too, but it’s more likely that it’ll get a Legendary.

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Skoolasaurus itself actually seems like a good under used creature. I have him at lvl 20 and have thought about using him several times

The only time dodge gets on my nerves is when my opponent has a team full of them - and they dodge about 12 times in a single match. That should not be possible, honestly. I think we need more nullifying dinos, and perhaps faster access to those moves (lookin’ at you, Quetzorion, with your 1-turn delay).

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It doesnt matter if its 1 or 3 turns, the game is fixed so that you remain in a window of +/- ~100 of a predetermined trophy count based on ludias calculations of where you should be based on your teams levels/boosts, etc. Its been this way for a while now, and that is in large part due to all of the outcries that the game was broken and that the arena was unbalanced, so now everyone seems happy but the trophy counts are fixed. That being said evasion is one of the features that either works very well when you are on the rise (predetermined winning streaks), and then magically seem to stop working when you are being pushed back off the cliff.

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I have said the same thing a few times on here. If you are at the predetermined low for your team it is difficult to lose a match. Easy wins all the way up until the predetermined high point. Then difficult to win until you get back down. logically the middle should be a 50/50 win rate but the match making seems to know if you are going up or down your predetermined scale and selects accordingly. It’s as difficult to keep a score below my scale as it is above it lol

Personally I would say we have enough anti dodge in the game. Any more and dodge may as well not exist. But I will also say we have enough dodge in the game as well. Neither need any more additions.


Like Qaw said, considering you waste 1 move to set it up, 3 turns is fine. If it was only 2 turns, you would take 66% damage if you dodge both, which is only a 56% chance (75%*75%). The other 44% you take 133% damage or even 200% (6.25% chance of missing both dodges). In exchange for you doing only 1 attack. It wouldn’t be worth using it.

It’s fine, so many counters and it’s balanced, definitely isn’t one of the top 50 things needing fixed.

In other words, and doing the math right, if dodge was only 2 moves, then:

56.25% of taking (actually) 68% damage (dodges both attacks) = 38.25%
6.25% of taking 200% damage (failing both dodges) = 12.5%
37% of taking 134% damage (dodges only 1) = 49.58%

Sum it all: expected value of 100.33% damage taken if I calculated right. In exchange for you doing 1 attack. (I’m assuming all attacks deal the same damage, otherwise the expected value depends on each creature). That is, probably not worth using it.

I think it would be more usable if it inherited Skoolasuchus’ speed control.

Speed control+Distraction+Nullification is the basic formula for both Proceratosaurus and the epic version, Skoolasuchus. The former’s hybrid, Yoshi is Immune and one of the fastest dinos in the game, so losing speed control makes sense.
But Skoolasaurus needs it, with it’s 117 speed.

It’s not that there aren’t bypass methods, it’s that barely anything has it that can kill things with ES. Most nullfiers and precise dinos lose to ES users. They either need to make them more common or reduce it to 2 turns.

I think the chance to dodge should stay the same (3 turns) but the actual chance to dodge should be lowered to at least 66% chance to dodge 66% of damage. Granted I’m no developer and bad at battle balancing but I think this could potentially balance dodging moves out.