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Evasion only works about 25% of the time?

If you use evasion, even a priority ability against something faster, hardly ever seems to work. I take take full damage nearly every single time. That and the sorts of things you need to evade do so much damage that even armor, distraction, and shields don’t mitigate the damage enough. Particularly rampage. It just seems to ignore everything or do so much damage that it overcomes everything.

Every counter has been undermined by brute force speed and damage. If one high damage dinosaur is faster than your whole team, there’s practically nothing you can do in most instances because it will bypass everything.

Let’s take Thor. As an example. If it has 2000 base damage and uses rampage, it will do 4000 base damage, ignoring shields and armor. If it crits it will do what? 6000?
if you use distraction, it will do 3000. That’s about the health of the sorts of creatures that have distraction

If you use evasion and it works, if it crits, you’ll take about 2000 damage. If they hit you with their 1.5 x damage ability and your evasion works, you will take 990 damage. instant charge to finish you off. if you survive. (regularly I find Thor and Tryko will crit on multiple hits in a row, outdamaging any defensive abilities you have)

That’s if they don’t just switch to drago to ensure you can’t do anything.

Erlik is another one. If they use stealth, they do so much damage that even a shield will not protect you, even if you’re armored.

Basically the damage is this game remains too high for the health pool on most creatures. That’s why Maxima was so effective, it was the only one with immunities and health pool large enough.

On top of that, there are so many immunities now that there are a lot of matchups where you just completely hard countered but something on their team, so having the highest damage and speed becomes the only viable option.

If you want choices to be strategic, you’re going to have to do something about the damage to health pool ratio, or at the least massively up the effectiveness of armor and shields, given that they’re useless against most high end abilities currently.

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May I suggest boosting the health in such a way that it would cushion the blow and increase your survival?

It’s too costly. A few extra hundred hp isn’t going to make a difference against the number of things doing 5000+ damage against 3000 hp creatures. I’m already upgrading the ones I have, but it doesn’t make a huge difference if they’re faster than you.

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Ok understandable

Are you accounting for any level differences? And boost differences? Because you can’t really expect a lower level unboosted counter to always win against a boosted, higher level creature.

I regularly face higher level, boosted Thors and Erlidoms. The Thors are often able to take out my counters in two hits, so I’ve resorted to using the counters that do the highest first-turn damage with Distraction moves, or substituting them entirely with my Indominus when it’s available. Even then, I obviously don’t always win, but since the counters are faster, that encourages Thor to waste an Instant Charge, allowing me to setup on it with my next creature.
As for Erlidoms, I’ve used high-armour creatures with great success against it. I don’t have Tryko or Dio, so I use the lower-damage Ankyntrosaurus, and my unboosted level 20 has taken out boosted level 27 Erlidoms even without using Instant Invincibility.

So I don’t see where you’re coming from, unless you’re out of your depth in your current arena placement and the game is trying to put you back in your place. I know that that’s happening when I face up against ~130 speed Thors, which I have no way of countering unless RNG is on my side.

Also crits aren’t 1.5x anymore, they were nerfed to 1.25x. So 5000 as opposed to 6000 in your example.