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Evasive disappears when DC enters?


I just had 3 games in which my indo was cloaked for 2 more turns, and evasive just disappears when someone switches dracoceratops in, and always deals damage.
Why is this? It doesnt have nullifying swap in blabla…
Indo should at least be able to dodge the swap damage ánd the 3rd turn after right?


Maybe a glitch agaisnt evasive. but can tell u it absolutely does not do that to cloak :joy: have had many desperation swap ins trying to hit thru cloak to no avail


I’ve never experienced evasive disappearing when Draco is swapped in ever.


Me either tbh. But :man_shrugging:


Evasive and cloak are both 50% chance to dodge.
Not 100% chance to evade all damage.


I understand how it works, but it disappears and allways hits.


At least, if a dodger complain about a dracoceratops issue,i don’t see any issue!
Both are not strategy for the moment

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Please describe “disappears”, as in what the indication of it being active is.

Also describe “always” , as in number of times it “disappeared”.

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The blue particles around indoraptor after using evasive disappear (which could just be a visual bug), but it is the indicator.
“Always” is the last 8 times I saw it, of which 3 in a row since i’m sure it was happening in stead of me just not paying attention and 3 turns up already etc.

I checked with a friend an he had the same thing.
Getting through 8 times straight has a 0.39% chance of happening, so it became plausible something else is going on


Initially when SIAs were introduced swapping into an SIA dino counted as 2 ticks off a shield/evasive instead of 1. Then it was fixed. Then after 1.6 I saw it happen again and then it was fixed again. Not sure what’s going on with it now.


Ye, but even after using evasive and then switching it happens.
If it took one extra turn off, it should still be there


Only if evasive didn’t get 1 tick taken off of it on the turn it was used (for example if the other guy swapped that turn). Otherwise only 2 turns left on it and both gone from the swap+sia.


even if thats true, and the bug takes one turn of for the swap, why would it then take away another turn befóre the sia and not cover the sia itself on the last?


I got exactly the same thing happening but at second turn of dodge, my indo didn’t die with the Draco but got damaged, dodge trned off and he touched me again the round after (the dodge was gone)


strange, even if its a bug, results should be consistent but people in this thread have mixed results :confused:


I had this problem earlier, I used evasive, Dilora used Distract, then stunned, I dodged both, then he hit rampage and run into Draco, the rampage hit and before Draco came in my evasive disappeared. Pretty sure your evasive or cloak doesn’t disappear until after you act.


The bug doesn’t take one turn off for the swap, that’s just normal mechanics. If you keep swapping in front of something that has a shield/evasive, eventually it’ll be gone. The SIA taking ANOTHER turn off was/is the bug.


I understand that, but this is how it went down:
turn x: indoraptor uses evasive, enemy gets some damage through
turn x+1: enemy swaps DC in and evasive disappears.
since it should only disappear after your attack, even a 1turn bug shouldnt have cleared it.


Don’t be salty about losing to Dracoceratops. It will eventually become a meme like Stegoceratops.


Oh, then you’re right. For whatever reason the tick off of evasive was taken before damage. At least that’s how it worked when this bug first appeared. Now it’s either inconsistent or keeps changing.