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Evasive moves - do they have to be priority?


Would love to hear people’s thoughts about this.

I just suffered a really bad losing streak, and I’m back down to Sorna Marshes because of it. And it’s the usual story we’ve heard before - all of my attacks dodged throughout all of the matches, save for one basic attack. My dinos dodged nothing. Nullify dinos either didn’t turn up for the fight or got knocked out before they could use it enough to get rid of the opponent.

And it made me realize - I really, really hate that they’re considered priority moves.

Faster than the Indoraptor with 300hp left that stands between you and victory? Tough luck if you don’t have a Dracorex GEN2 or an available priority headbutt. Better hope that luck is on your side.

I know some people might argue that it would make some dinosaurs useless (Monomimus), but I can’t help but feel as though these moves would be easier to live with if they didn’t take priority over everything. 50% is a big chance, bigger than most games like this would allow, and to give it priority on top of that seems a bit extreme IMHO.


50% ???

Seems far more like 90% to me. I’d like to see what is actually is, tracked over time and multiple users.


Not all evasive moves have priority.


Nullify counters evasive, so just level up your creatures with nullify.



I should fill my team with creatures that nullify?

Is there a list of these?

Do they also include heavy hitters, tanks and bleed that have nullify?

I have a few that nullify, but they are rarely available at the time needed.


Make a balanced team. No one should expect to win every battle. Make a balanced team and you will likely have counters to help you fight. There is no magic bullet that makes you unbeatable.


Suchotator has nullify, as does ankynrosaurus. There are quite a few that can render monomimus, indoraptor and indominus almost ineffective. The counters are there, I don’t know why people won’t use them.


This is my suchotator’s stats.


He’s more than just a bleeder.


My indom can take out all the current nullify dinos, especially suchotator. I always smile when someone starts with suchotator against my indom.


I would rephrase that to:

Evasive moves - do they have to exist?


Tyrannoloph beats indom even if 2 levels under…


Since you’re in the lower arenas, focus on Tanycolagreus and Suchotator… They’re good, easy to level dinos that can also be used in higher arenas and can nullify… I am still using Suchotator at 5k…


My Suchotator is level 28 and can easily take down Indoraptors level 25 and lower…


Evasive stance is broken and needs a rework. It can be: dodge all or nothing.
No, Monomimus hp wasn’t an issue, Evasive Stance is.


I generally can handle any dodging dino.
I ONLY bring a null dino out if there Is a FS or evasive dino that comes out.


You are totally missing the point of what johnny is saying…its rng that decides whether your nullify dino is available or not (be in you starting 4 dino). Also a nullify move is most of the time a quite low damage move and afterwards your own dino gets slapped with some kind of rampage move most of the time.


Not all are priority but most should be otherwise the ability is almost pointless.


I said indom, not indor.


No difference… Same outcome, level 28 Suchotator easily beats up to level 24 I-Rex… Loses to level 25 I-Rex, leaving it with less than 200 HP…