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Evasive stance group icon

Ludia i trust you know what you are doing but if your gonna put the “whole team” icon on evasive stance could you make sure it actually gives the whole team evasive. I have lost a few raids not souly for that reason, but when i had my indo try to setup a evasive stance for my whole team, and then indo is the only one who gets evasion, it kinda feels like a swift kick in the rear. I suggest either two things:

  1. Get rid of the group effect icon on evasive stance so then no one gets confused why their teammates arent dodging but they are

  2. Make it so evasive stance does effect the whole group( i would prefer #2)

Thank you for reading this if you did and i hope i did this in a respectful manner

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Yeah, I was wondering about that too. Dodgers are pretty bad in raids as of now, but this could help.