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Evasive Stance (never) changed!

Am I just late to the party or is ES actually 75% again?? Anyone out there who uses SpinoC on their main team able to verify? @Qiew or @Idgt902?

This would be a pleasant surprise since it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes!

EDIT: Updated title based on information gathered after the fact by OrigamiRobot


it has changed back to 75% now. that makes me happy. :smiley:



more words

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I suppose with all the resilients running around it’s not the biggest, bestest deal; but still! I was looking for a reason (excuse) to put the snek back in the lineup! :smiley:

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she was still a decent dino to mess with max and tryko. just not number 1. she did move up in placement tho.

It is a good counter to Tryko, but every time an Ardent appeared it got bodied hard. That my have just been me being unlucky though, but spinoconstricter never beat an ardent for me. It was fun to force them to take damage when they swapped though.

that 50% chance on evasive stance really hurt her. if you took full damage from the GDR she was toast.

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THANK YOU!!! It didn’t need to change in the first place.


I mean doesn’t change they get bodied by resilient but hey gives them something I guess

As it should. But, as been said in other threads; if you play a shield, it’s 100% chance that it’ll block 50% damage. The 50% chance to block 66.6% damage mean effectively a 33.3% shield which, for a non-damage move felt way too low to be useful.


At least it puts Evasive stance in line with the other dodge moves.

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There was no change to anything other than the description. Anyone or anything that has told you that ES was anything other than 75% chance to dodge since 1.10 was/is incorrect.


Even in 2.0 when it’s in-game description said it was 50%?

Oh? It felt to me like it was 50% in 2.0 but I guess it could have just been bad luck… I dropped/didn’t boost her at that point so not really much to go off.

The in-game description counts as a thing. :wink:

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So the in game description was wrong? I wouldn’t be surprised, but was this tested/datamined?

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That topic is not allowed on the forums. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol I’ll take your word for it.

The in-game descriptions are often inaccurate, just usually not so egregiously. Don’t get me started on what the bleed/rend values for various moves really are.