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Even battles?

this sure looks even, balanced, it is super fair to fight this kind of stuff.

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Pretty typical these days. Several threads on it already.

How boosted is your dino? For all we know, stat-wise yours could be the stronger creature.

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I’m not a paying player so it’s not that boosted, I’ve been dealing with this unfair battles since I got my first epic dino, when I got epic dinos the system put me up against legendaries, and now that I have legendaries, it puts me up against uniques.

In the upper arenas it’s no better. Most of my battles end up 3-0 or 0-3 either way. That’s how unbalanced arena is…they kick you in the nut so many times you become the monster a couple hundred trophies below.

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You’re in jurassic ruins so it’s very common to fight against an easy made unique like indo. Plus i would say that maybe your team lvl is not for this arena and that’s why you face that kind of dinos.

Remember the pro-tip of Jwa ,rockie

“Improve your team by level it up and purchase boost”

Yep. Welcome to Ludia logic. Where balance is considered “get beat by higher level dinos 20 battles in a row till you drop all your trophies then become the one beating 20 much lower teams than you to get the trophies back”.

Its a much discussed topic and a much ignored one as far as I can see :roll_eyes:

The players who do this on purpose by rigging their teams with two much lower dinos to lower are the main problem. It causes this domino effect in the first place.

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