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Even Efforts Achievement

Hello !

Sorry for the spoiler, but there is a problem with the mystery achievement “Even Efforts” which requires to draw one strike event battle. If we manage to do what I thought was the only way to draw, which is to die with your last creature but dealing a last bleeding hit that also kills the last bot’s creature, it is actually not considered as a draw but as a success, making this achievement not doable.
Or maybe do I miss something ? ^^

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I had the same problem. Should have been a draw but I won instead.

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Thanks for reporting this to us, @Erilys and @Grimparadox. I’ve brought this to our team’s attention!

In the meantime, could I ask you to please email our support team at with your support key so our team can gather more info for their investigation?

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Good to know. Tried once but couldn’t draw, won’t even try anymore. Though 6 days have passed, don’t we have any updates?

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I am having the same issue and so is everyone else. A draw is considered a win and the achievement is not doable. Thanks Ludia, to busy adding more BS instead of fixing the game issues you already have…

You may have noticed, but the achievement has been replaced by something like “Win 30 strike event battles”. :wink:

Thanks a lot, I was getting crazy about not seeing it anywhere in the list ahah