Even more Hybrids Coming


Just so you know…

We are getting new new hybrids over the next few months apparently. It says in the patch notes “more hybrids” are on the way…

I’m assuming they want everybody to get there flyers first so people don’t get 24 of 1 kind from the event…

I know they swapped spino and Draco Rex around in zones… so I wouldn’t be surprised if either of these get a bird hybrid

Iv also seen quetzals spawning in my zone. So I’m gonna focus my attention on the others


Hope they add a pterodactil hybrid cause i bought the offer and have 850 dna left xd and spinosaurus gen2 +koolasuchus gen 2 i have they at 15 whit 3k+ dna left xd


I hope Tarbosaurus gets a hybrid, and a powerful one at that. Mine is at lvl 15 and I have 16k worth of DNA to use.


I really hope dracorex gen 2 gets a hybrid


Theres two Hybrids that need to happen. T. Rex Gen2 plus Spino Gen2 should be a no brainer… that should be an obvious hybrid considering how popular they are and how they were glorified in the movies. The other one would be Erlikosaurus Gen 2 and Iguanadon… now hear me out lol Erlik is beast but specifically the Gen 2 version. Iguanadon doesn’t have much going for it but honestly why wouldn’t you want a dino with ridiculously long thumbs lol


I just want a Gryposuchus hybrid… I am overflowing with DNA. Plus a lockdown strike duno could become useful down the road…

I also want a three headed sauropod bird like king goodrah.