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Even more pay to win then before

Ever since the update stat boosts became a sought after thing. But for people like me who dont want to spend money on this game, it is near impossible. For example my tryo would shred opponenents in 3-0 but now it goes down before its killed an opponent to twitch on the floor. Only indoraptor gen 2 stands any chance now. What do you think though?


I think you better start grinding boosts :smirk:


That’s also an issue because when I did health strike I only got 25 boosts

Yes, and your level shall fall to where it should be. The Whales will be at the top (always were) and everyone else will live in midworld or below.

I think one of the reasons they made the changes to boosts was so massively skewed matches didnt happen due to how powerful boosts were (way too powerful in fact many times they were stronger than a level up, which goes against the nature of this hunting game), its really not fun for someone to lose 3-0 (I know ive been there).