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Even more unhappy

how in the blazes is a player supposed to make headway now? i just played 4 battles. lost 31 trophies in each of the first three battles i lost…total of 93 gone. I then won my 4th in 3 straight fights. no deaths, 3 kills.

made 10 trophies for the win. BTW this is in badlands, where, until this reworking, you could make trophies with a 50 percent win rate. not a lot, but you would eventually level up if you won at least half.

This new system? If you win 5 out of 10 battles, you’ll lose 155 trophies, whilst only winning 50, meaning you’ll lose 105 trophies every 10 battles unless you win most of them. This severely cripples the player who cannot dump tons of money into the game!


Yeah, it’s now their slogan. If you’re not paying then you’re not playing.


Are you running any over leveled dinos? Because this system is very punishing for that.

It is was always like that. The arena regardless of which one is always highly competitive. You always lose more trophies than you gain when you hit your lose streaks.

Not running an rng based team helps.

Realizing that your skills and your team will always end up in the level that they\ it belongs helps. Even if it’s not where you want to be.

Sometimes you’re the one losing 10 to win 40 or 50… but that doesn’t make it better. They actually managed to make an already unbalanced game even worse…


And then some people are earning 52. I gained 52 trophies. And then 51!?!?

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i do not believe so…that would require spending funds.

i’m not talking losing streaks…i am talking win one, lose one, win, lose. badlands used to give me a net gain of about 5 trophies for a 50 pct win rate.

I love Ludia, they are very active and proficient in ignoring players.


sarcasm much??? lol love it


:shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face: heheheheh

I always come off as a hole when I’m trying to be nice.

The gist of the new trophy system is the close to even you are the higher the trophy count is effected.

(Made up numbers alert)

If an equal match happens and you can win 50 trophies.
If an in even match happens and you can win or lose 10.

And your losing 50 but only winning 10 at a time. That suggests your only able to beat lesser \ lower powered opponents… Or that your team is rng hot\ cold.

I am not saying your a bad player or have a bad team. I’m just stating what is.

Same thing goes for the I’m losing more trophies a day than I can win. Yes streaks happen. But by in large the more you depend on rolling dice the more you will notice the small fluctuations amplified.

To go with my above post that is being reviewed…

This is my team.


You will notice there isn’t alot of random in it.

My count



Nice team :+1:

Yup. if you are going to choose the random dinos you have to be able to embrace the fail when it happens.

I thought I was getting set up for major fail one battle. Double hit through Indominous cloak. oh well. That’s bad, Bring out Procertomimus and go 5/6 dodges with smart distractions and come from behind for the win. Same battle.

Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes your the bug. I’m looking into how I can adjust my team to a little less random. But I’m not unhappy with Sliding between 2800-3100 trophies right now, though I wouldn’t mind staying for a longer string in Sorna from time to time…

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This is a ridiculous situation.

I’m in Lockdown, usually around 2700 trophies but now sliding towards the desert. My team is not over strong, none of my legendaries are high level and I have no uniques. I’ve not boosted anything yet, because I would regret having used them further down the road. I accept the losses to boosted teams as a result of my choice.

I am frequently fighting teams with level 14 and 15 creatures. Nobody gets to Lockdown if that’s their best. They just keep swapping creatures, so I win 3-0 and get 10 trophies. I decided to play the swap game and see what happened. I had 2 kills already, and just swapped instead of hitting. This went on for about 5 minutes, then I got tired of it and took my 10 trophies.

This way of playing is completely against the spirit of the game, and needs sorting quickly. Seems now that at least 50% of my battles follow this pattern.

Your systems need to look at deliberately underpowered teams, as well as some notional idea of overpowered.

I had been been stuck in Sorna Marshes for months (bar a surprising two weeks in Jurassic Ruins) but since just before 1.7 I had been on a slide back down to the Lockdown.

I think with more and more people climbing up the ranks that we will see a lot of players pushed down and that will affect the “tiers” in the lower Arena levels.

Thats not really what hes talking about and ive ran into it myself whe. I help my kids get their defeat 10… i always forget to check to see if its a bot… the teams always low leveled for the arena… and when you kill 2… all they do is swap the last two dinos until you manage to kill one Thats why i suspect its a bot.

Happens an awful lot for it to be a player unless its a boost protest im not aware of.

Define an overlevelled Dino!

That’s what I said yesterday two times… I had 4781 trophies, I lost 10 matches cuz I met many dinosaurs overpowered with the boosts, and now I have 4478… I won just 2 matches earning only 20 trophies…
It’s not good making a battle now…


I will not make a battle until they don’t FIX this mess of matchmaking and trophies…

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