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Even things out!

Great job Ludia at fixing most of the issues that came with last update, but pleaseee you forgot one of the most important ones… “ matchmaking”
Im currently sitting at 4700± thropies and my team has only 4 uniques and the highest creature is a lvl 26, so I would love to know how in the world am I supposed to defeat the opponents that Im getting matched with when they have an all unique team of lvl 26-30 and please don’t tell me that my dinos are boosted cause their dinos are boosted wayy more than mines on top of their higher level… I even was matched with someone ranked 33 on the leaderboard, please fix matchmaking, it’s getting annoying and uncomfortable to play the game since you keep getting matched with impossible to beat opponents

If those teams are top 100 right now they won’t be for long

Not that that has anything to do with your point, just saying

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Their average team is exactly 2 levels higher than yours and only an 8% difference. Down in the lower arenas, I usually get matched to other teams within 10% of my team level one way or the other but seen up to 12% difference in average team level. As I move up, I’m getting matched against teams averaging a little higher than mine.

I have not figured out how they account trophy’s into the formula yet. If they account that “X” amount of trophy’s adds a level to your team and that done on a curve, the higher you get the more trophy count to equal a level in the higher arenas which is why I face others with higher teams and lower trophy counts because I have a lower (good) team and higher trophy count.

This doesn’t work in your case unless they open up the difference so the higher players have a better chance to have someone real to play even though someone like you will get slaughtered. Of course getting slaughtered and nothing towards the daily incubator is no fun. If I can at least get on kill, I’m satisfied.

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It’s planned.
They want you to purchase HC and max out the available boosts so you can stay afloat.

It’s brilliant. Jackie Chan…esque


I’m finding myself matched against people 2800-2900 tropies in upper lockdown while I’m in Marshes that have a higher team average than me. Some I win and stay in sorna, others I lose and either fall out of sorna or barely hang on.

It’s always interesting to see this more heavy handed teams at lower trophy counts than your team. I get philosphical about this. Do they battle less? Do they get bad rolls on their dinos? Do they make less strategic choices? Do they crack under pressure. Or is all just a bunch of RNG.

I run a full team of boosted uniques avg lvl 25 and Im facing boosted lvl 30 teams and frankly those are great matchups. I win I get 40-50, I lose and its minus 10-20. Embrace it, a good portion of the issues people are having can be fixed with a “its just for fun” attitude adjustment.


In the lower arena’s players have a wide range of dino’s on their teams from 8 to 15 because of the alliance mission rewards. Those back bitters tend to be weaker than others. I had put together a bleeder team to counter those to hold my place in trophy’s which worked.

Now I completely changed my team to the two kitties, the two rhinos, 3 swap-in stunners and the epic green chicken, and have gone up 600 trophys so far. I think I’m starting to plateau. These are fun to play being able to do swapping often. I haven’t played the AI in a while and not sure they have it for arena 4. I haven’t lost 2 in a row for a while now.

I am one of those teams. I average 4.5 to 5 levels higher than my opponents. I am not boosted. I think it has to do with how boosted users are and how smart they were with using boosts. Yes, the RNG players account for some of the difference. But I think mostly now it is boosts.

For now, many who were higher trophies are still battling to find their new equilibrium. Many will not battle much so will be on losing streaks for weeks if they only battle now and again or a few times a week. Those who boosted heavily fast, will rise fast and be battling those higher level teams.

In the boost meta we will see more mismatched team level battles. It is no longer same level matches.

@Beato18 I only win 10 trophies when I battle lower ppl like where your at, I wish they would fix this too, but if u would have beat me, I would of lost 40+. Sorry I ain’t anywhere near top 100 or even in top 500!! And my highest tier dino is 4 which is pretty equal to everyone I’m battling so idk what u have , but buy some boosts with the hard cash Ludia gave u

And your team is pretty equal to mine, 25 Tryko, we just use different dinos for others

the next weeks will be interested for sure. I’m very pragmatic about my trophy count. i’d love to stay in Sorna, but my not against being a lockdown guy. I’m trying to decide how to best use my boosts on my current team, especially since I look at my team and go, I don’t think all of you are going to be here forever, and that’s what boosts are at the moment, forever…

I think I may have 1-3 free days here as the ‘serious’ people reasses their lives and boosts, and then I will start getting my butt handed too me.

Heres someone I just battled and he has 300+ more trophies

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it is a matchmaking issue sadly. 4300 trophy players can be matched with players up to 9000 trophies. This is not because of the stat boosts but Ludia should do something about this ASAP


We all go through that, but it’s even worse for those up there, cause if they lose, it’s -50 trophies… A few days ago I posted something about this, raging, because I had just lost around 20 battles, but losing just 10 trophies in each of them… later, in just four or five battles I recovered my lost trophies. Yeah, it’s stupid. Especially because most battles are too easy or too hard in this matchmaking…

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Oh I have fun I usually get at least one kill sometimes two, but I know Im losing that battle… Im just saying it need a little readjustment so its more enjoyable and fair

Wow that team would definetly destroy you

I agree 100% with you

I just beat this one… look at this team!!

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It was about a week ago that Ludia announced that this was exactly what they were going to do to fix matchmaking !
Now maybe I’m a bit stupid , but I can’t for the life of me see how anyone from 4300 to 9000 is in any way fair , or a fix .
Why can’t they just give us two more arenas ?
It’s not rocket science is it ?

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less work to do this I guess :smiley:

@bulldemonking was the name with his dracC all powered up, people are still abusing these boosts

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