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Even winning isn't fun anymore

Every fight is so unbalanced that even when you win it’s just a repeat of the one sided matched you lost.
Opponents tend to have triple your hp, do double your hp in damage each turn and are faster. If you’re level 24-27 all you’ll fight is teams of 30s. Then when you win it’s just the reverse. You never get challenged, you either are rolled or do the rolling. Usually 3-0

If you have a max of 6000 hp and do a max of 2000 base damage, your opponents have a minimum of 6000 hp and a minimum of 2500 base damage. If your highest speed is 150, your opponents will average 130 and be all resilient creatures. You’ll never get off a stun, they’ll stun every time even if you’re resistant and they’re not. They’ll always crit, whether 5% chance or 40 and you’ll never crit.

And after an hour of one sided fights, you’ll finally get a win and have a 15 min box, so you can spend the next hour for another 3 hour one.

And then in 3 hours you’ll go through another hour of one sided match making and you’ll wonder why you continue to play at all.


Ahh matchmaking
A big steaming pile unfair garbage that is currently unfairer than eve4

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Can only concur…
I was “lucky” my team was faster. That being said it took 2 of my creatures and the only reason I won was because this player thought he’d pull an easy win so didn’t bother to pay attention much. Until this went down.