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Even worse bugs

My last 10 battles or so have shown a whole mess of different varying bugs. Everything was working then:

  1. The timer reads 0
  2. Moves can be selected, it even shows I selected them, but it does the base move instead
  3. Dinos can be selected to bring out, but it disregards my choice and brings out the next one from the left.
  4. Dinos I have beaten remain on the screen and the battle no longer updates visually, but I can hear it continue
  5. Multiple dinos can be placed on the field with one taking damage and the other attacking.
  6. Moves are dissappearing while others remain.

I restarted the game and my device after each battle. The issues continue, though are different each time. There is something seriously wrong here.

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I realize most people don’t want to hear this but thats most likely your connection or service.

No, its got nothing to do with my connection, already speedtested and everything is perfectly fine. Its actually irritating when people suggest this (not to sound rude…its just irritating). My service is fine, my tablet is quite powerful. None of these issues started until 2.0. Many people are having to restart the game multiple times throughtout the day. Many posts on this forum show there are a vast amount of connection issues be it not logging in, timed out battles, or the game simply stalling.

*** Just to add, it is not happening in tournaments, only in the arena.

My last few battles everything worked fine. I lost, over and over, but no issues occurred. This is problematic though and seems like (my guess) some resource is being called from the server and its not being fulfilled but there is no exception handling on whatever that call is being unfulfilled. Maybe whatever that is then has a value outside of the expected values and the game starts mishandling everything.

I have lost two battles this morning because mid battle the game decides that any move I pick, even though it registers in the upper left corner showing that I picked a certain move, even though the move I pick becomes greyed out, that I must have meant the first base attack move.

Please Ludia, fix this now. I have read other posts on the forum where other users are experiencing this as well. This is not a connection issue, its a Ludia issue.

Again, I played in the tournament for hours yesterday and never saw any of this. Then I would switch to arena and the problems would be back. Switching back to the tournament, no problems again. It seems you have something messed up in your code or on your server specific to arena battles.

lots of bugs now. i sugest don’t battle now

As well, multiple times when I choose Maximas shield this morning, it does the animation, but no shield is produced.

same here. they work in on it to fix all

Cool, thanks for the info Nikola. Its nice to get some confirmation you know :slight_smile:

you are welcome

Yeah the game is glitched at the moment. Raid battles aren’t loading properly.