Event Annoyance


The events are cool but when playing a lot the creatures still showing are annoying. The creatures and drops should fade or something after you complete them so we know we can’t click them.

Some of the supply drops allow use after but others don’t. It becomes annoying when playing after attempts are complete but there are days remaining to see things you can’t get.


None of what you said actually happens.

All drops can be used during and after events, they are never disabled. Also, the dinos that spawn at green drops for the events, although your attempts might be over, are clearly part of the event as they are at a green drop. So if you have done lets say 6/6 attempts then the next time you see the dino at a green drop you should know straight away you can’t dart it.


I encountered the Event Supply Drop glitch as well, and it was reported on the forum in other threads too. I’m not sure if all players were affected by it, or if it was just a small number.

For example, during the Epic Pterosaur event, if you tried to get rewards from an Event drop with an Alanqa sitting under it, you’d just keep bringing up the Pteranodon and the event status. You couldn’t access the drop to obtain the rewards, no matter how many times you clicked on the actual drop and not the creature.

It’s not all that different from the “dino stuck in Strike Tower” problem, except in this case, you can access the dino but not the supply drop.

If you were fortunate enough to not encounter this problem, @GPx, then I must say that I greatly envy you!


Oh yes that, it’s specific to flyers which has been reported, even by myself. It’s nothing to do with the event though, just any supply drop that a flyer is at.

I have always thought though that the dinos and strike towers should disappear once you’ve finished them.

Just the OP said the siupply drops don’t allow use, so I didn’t realise it was a flyer issue, because during dino events there’s isn’t that problem.