Event Attempts

So , me and my son were playing last night , and we just started a few days ago by the way . But , we found a Epic , as we tried to get it, in the middle of the process it dawned on after I read it of course (lol) that it’s a event and we only have 6 attempts. I was thinking about while walking around, why can’t we get the full time frame to chase it, with a 4-8 hour cool down during (let’s say a day and half) the event to get as much DNA besides 6 attempts. ?

The events are supposed to be like that, mostly because of the epic, legendary, and occasional unique events, so that you can only get so much DNA, so you can’t just have a darting frenzy and get all the dinosaurs from the event to level 30, and the cool down just wouldn’t fit, mostly because the event changes dino every day at 10 AM

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Also, the person that you should talk to about dinosaur stuff is @Dalek62771, the guy that will do the research and will almost always come up with an answer to a question about dinosaurs. And don’t mind me, I’m just another voice on the internet that you should decide whether to trust or not.

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Cool beans … does he have a good understanding as far as certain location to find certain dinos? That is my itch I’m on now, to be able to plan our trips out better than random chance of a place [which I did but was a bust , same dinosaurs were located near my home] like is water dinosaurs near “lakes”? Or “ponds” ? That kinda info . Thank you for your feed back also, it makes sense .