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Event battle resetting glitch

Hey everyone so I’m having a problem in Jurassic World the game. The event battles that pop up everyday are totally glitch for me since update 1.44.4. Whenever I exit the app it resets my progress in them to make it seem like I have never battled at all. This is a big problem seeing as how I want to unlock a new creatures and can’t because I can’t beat all three battles for the pack in one go. Is anyone else having this problem right now? And is there any way to fix this glitch??

Everybody is having this glitch.

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It’s a universal bug, would be fixed soon

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Hello Problems,
You can read about it here: [News] Jurassic World: The Game | CLASH OF TITANS RESET and other post update 44 issues June 30th, 2020
Apologies we are working on a fix.

@Keith, may I ask how they r fixing the bug, I mean if there’s going to be another update to fix all the bugs or just the glitches would disapper

Another update will be needed for the events bug to be fixed.

Ok good thought I was alone here thank you everyone