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Event broken?


I’ve restarted the game and cant access it

The event's problem
Light fury re event
Lightfury bug
Fix Quests!

Same over here

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The same for here

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I have the same problem. If it could be fixed quickly that would be much appreciated.

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Yeah, my quest log is completely borked, just like that. I imagine they will have it fixed soon.

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I was about to post it.same problem.i can’t stand it

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Does it still work as normal or do we have to wait for them to patch it?


Add me to the list!


Me to have the same problem


Hello! The event on The Light Fury has been started, but I can’t play it because of … this :laughing:
How to fix it?dragon3


I have the same problem it must be solved right about now we waited a long time for this event to return


I’m experiencing the same issue.

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It’s the same for me



We can’t play light fury event. Please fix this ASAP and give everyone compensation.
About Thunder pack how many energy we get?


Can you guys fix the event and also provide a compensation.


I have the same problem i hope they fix it right away

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Hello everyone, I can confirm that our developer team are aware of the issue and currently working on fixing it! I should be able to give you an update shortly!


Does this update contain clan also?:rofl:


Thanks for been so quickly


I turned my phone off and entered the game again but it’s still the same Screenshot_2019-04-04-15-06-47-27 it must be solved

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