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Event bug

This has always been a problem, but seems worse since the new update:
The game keeps crashing between rounds in the battle events - e.g. Incident: Edge Supply Run.

I’ve had to buy more stamina and I’ve lost a lot sage fruit and action rushes that I’ve used in the first round of the final stage, only for the game to crash as it moves to stage 2 of 2. I just can’t complete it and I’m using a lot of resources in the process.

Very, very frustrating.

The same thing happens approximately one brawl in five. As I defeat the final dragon, the game crashes and it registers that I’ve lost.

I’m on iOS.

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I’m sorry that is happening, Ben8. Could I ask you to reach out to our support team at with your support key if you haven’t already? It will allow our team to better assist you.


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