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Event Calander Jun 15th- 21st Jurassic Park


More Brachi! I missed the darting attempts this week being stuck at home, but hopefully I’ll have more luck next week. Brachi is all I need to level my Maxima.

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Still nothing I need but looks good. Is that Brontolasmus as the Epic boss on Friday?


@Colin_Goodman Yeah I think so

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Another easy week for me. Exactly what I needed.

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A good week! Except for the, uh, Bronto master strike, cause Bronto…er…

It’s a good week!

Happy for Velo, Trice G2, and Brachi :grin:

Again? Though I do have a lack of Rex G2, and I’ll take more Brachi. And that HP boost and dimetrodon scent.

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Nor brachi is nice, not sure what to get now that the only unique left on my list is maxima

All this time I’ve need brachiosaurus so bad. My maxima is 50 dna away from being maxed. Every time we get brachiosaurus there is diplodocus with it so I shoot diplodocus. This coming week and this week brachio is without diplodocus lol.

But now I don’t need it anymore because the tournament rewards will max my maxima lol so I had to shoot blue this week and I’ll gladly shoot Rex next week to keep leveling my epic Rex.

I need more rare Rex to keep leveling up my Indominus g2. That thing is a monster!

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Kinda terrible week tbh the only good things are the coins and the dilophosaurus gen 1 and both t-rexes

I’m excited about the Brachiosaurus DNA. This weekend I had a tough choice between Blue and Brachiosaurus. I went with Blue in the end because of personal goals (I want to make her more viable for epic towers and tournaments). Glad I get another chance at Brachiosaurus. :grinning::sauropod:


Another boring week. Nothing I need. :roll_eyes:

Im happy for the raptors (barely play at night), and will surely max my Indoraptor by end of the week.

Everything this week is good in its own way. Its just that the most recognizable are exes, raptor, and brachial. Did you not even mention brach is as well, its’s only a counterpart for one of the best creatures in the game. Some of these are good by themselves for tourneys like raptor, dilophosaurus g1, rex, and brach while all the rest are involved in legendaries and uniques.