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Event Calendar Release Date?


So, I remember one of the staff team saying that they were working on an in-game calendar for the events, I think it was @Marcus, is there any new information that we could know about, or maybe even a date or speculation for when it should be out?

  • Toothless
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Hi @Toothless1,

Right now we’re sharing the weekly calendar on our Facebook and Twitter page. Make sure you LIKE and FOLLOW them :wink: . We’re still trying to figure out the best way to have the calendar in-game. Stay tuned!


Hi there marcus today new quests will be available i don t have them yet so should i wait a little longer?


They were up and then pulled down. No other info about this


Hey @itami and @Talisax,

Our team is working on a few things for today’s Quest event. It should be back up soon!

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