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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | December 2020


Your one-stop for all the events coming to Jurassic World Alive in December!

NOTE: The Treasure Chase is only 1 collect per day.

12/28 to 01/03

12/21 to 12/27

12/14 to 12/20

12/07 to 12/13


Aquilaminus incubator?
Hm interesting


Kinda sucks

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Thinking about going for grypolyth, this week will help.

Aqua strike is nice, but my Orion will strike again. Grypo for Grypo is nice and Rex is never bad

In my opinon(low level player) I’m kinda happy. I’m so close to get stegoceratops (also I really want sino DNA).

First week = Meh…

If only we had the new apex raid to start the week…

(low level) Not really much that I need but extra dna can’t hurt, the sino might be good for tryna get thorado.

The new erlikogama raid seems fun, excited to try that.

TRICERATOPS let’s go. I need a bit more for a level 10. Also einosaurus for einasuchus for sarcorixis. Can we have a sarcosuchus event next week. I hope. Also all those epics are good

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same i just need more nudasuchus that disappeared

A little Ardentismaxima would be good

So I mean (lvl 9 player I mean for me could’ve been better if you could add stego in there I’m very close to I rex gen 2 and stegoceratops but styg is good because I’m about to get paramoloch so I’d say decent week I’m looking over next week maybe a t rex would be good

Only ONE Master and ONE Expert event in the entire week…

C’mon Ludia, we are STILL IN LOCKDOWN, and it’s Christmas time! Which means… First, we get bored; and second, it’s that time of the year that you should be nicer to us ;(

Get us a whole week with all Apexes raids on (I mean, all raids will be available, and we got one incubator per day if we win - that’s what an AWESOME Christmas-New Year’s Eve week would be! And yes, I do appeal to the fact that IT’S 2020, WORST YEAR IN THE MILLENNIUM). Besides that, we would still had to beat all the bosses… And that’s a lottt of planning and strategizing for most alliances!

Believe me, even if we had 7 days of M-Rex, 7 days of Ceramagnus, 7 days of Hadros, and 7 day os Gorgo, and 1 incubator of each one per day if we win… This still is going to be harder than it seems.

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its alright now i just need gryposushus but next week can we do unique and legendary because its christmas

You have answered my prayers! Thanks for sarcosuchus

Edit: I found it out on Twitter

Welcome to the forums @Shamil_Patel

Grypo in the weekend event? Two weeks in a row? Ludia leaving early for your holidays?


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Grypo: again???
Darwin: meh, guess it can be useful for its uniques

Ya I I’m really close to getting gryptosuchus

Nice to see that we’re having creatures you quite rarely stumble along