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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | December 2020

anyone else thinking on going for spino gen 2 we have 9 attempts so i will do 5 on spg2 2 on darwin and 2 on grypo

I am defos getting saturdays epics but maybe sundays

those are all on saturaday and sunday just to let you know

the epics just to let you know

i know but just spino gen 2 and gryposuchus

thanks you i love it

Not impress … when we could see raja? I try to make dioraja and I think I can have my creature in the end of 2021 if you continue with the creatures you choose … very boring for expert players …

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(Level 14) i think that Darwin is good, because it makes a good híbrid:darwenzopteryx, and spino gen 2 is good to make spinonyx, and grypho is good but it always appears in special events, but the rares are not that good, nasuto is exclusive, but triceratops is not so useful, and dracorex could be good, and commons like suchomimus I have 15000 dna and eniosauris 15000 too

anyone own a good alliance im low on sarcho DNA and i would really like to get some of it’s DNA ill also swap DNA back

meigthernium strike not bad but not interesting i kinda wanna take it on for the other epic dna it gives

are you in an alliance if not request to join my alliance i really don’t want much raja dna right now so i can give you lots

YES! Marsupial Lion DNA

That’s true!
We should get dinos like TUOJIANGOSAURUS for rare, and KENTRO and ERLIKOSAURUS for epic, in the map incubators and special events respectively.

Specially Tuoji, because he’s needed for both Dioraja and Tuora, and it’s 500 dna points for each attempt to level up. So yeah, we need huge amounts of it.

Instead of that, we got a Erlidogamma raid, which is by far the most useless and non-sense raid ever (does anyone above level 10 uses Erlidogamma!?).

yes thycolator to level 12 finally

what in the world is the epic incubator

Gamma isn’t that bad in tourneys, and I’d consider running it if resilient wasn’t so dominant in the arena, it’s also a pretty fun raid to try and beat ridiculously

I am not in lockdown( Jurassic ruines), but it sucks that we have 7 days and only the weekend is kind of good, but the good rewards are not for us, are only for people that only plays this game, I think like you, we need more events for low-medium players and get good rewards

Exciting stuff this week! Time to finally unlock monolorhino :grin:


Looks like Friday has an epic Antarctopelta strike tower. It’s a Christmas miracle!


smilochephlasaurus or whatever it’s called here i come anyone else notice it’ winter so we have winter creatures