[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | December 2021


Your one-stop for all the events coming to Jurassic World Alive in December !

12/06 to 12/12

12/13 to 12/19

12/20 to 12/26

12/27 to 01/02


just waiting like 1232184192747 years to indominus rex (the legendary) come i just dont have good clan to fight it and the new update i need 12 level and im 10 and no money. so can u please give it to me

and its my vert favorite and i dont get it. im sad

I had to level up from 1 to 20 to get where I am so…

No you didn’t. Indom was dartable in the event at 30 October. Just 2 months ago.