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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | February 2021

Where’s the calendar for 2/15-2/21?

Please kentrosaurus or more unique events they are really fun to dart

unique or legendary darting events only occur for unique events such as holidays or anniversaries. So next big big event or something may have rarities such red or green

Next one should be Saint Patrick’s, it’s been JWA tradition to host a bunch of uniques

Oh nice…last year I had left game so was not able to play but this year :fire::fire::fire::fire:

I’m going for Diplo,Blue,Spinonyx,& Allosaurus maybe tenontosaurus for tentorex.

Iritator PLEASE!!

The Indoraptor gen2 I need so bad!!! Thanks for putting that ludia!

Ludia this is my first comment can you put hast eagle next week and brache and Charlie

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I think hasst was quite recent…and it also spawns in open so…less chance but yes maybe

isn’t it event exclusive?

Maybe titanabo?

No… 10 characters

on its profile it says its an event exclusive… only time I’ve seen it in the wild is during an event, the pukaidei chase week thing

Can you do another velociraptor please?

If you’re gonna keep up with the armored theme, make rajakylosaurus and gigaspikasaur the legendaries you can get this weekend

Actually, no they don’t, they only spawn on Thursday and not from ANY scents. People on lockdown can get maybe 7 darting opportunities at nunda per WEEK. (That is still very high, a casual player maybe 3-5)

they only ever include rarities above epic for special events like holidays and anniversaries, not for reg events like the one rn

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Could you do a Barry and phachy and mono gen2