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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | January 2020


Your one-stop for all the events coming to Jurassic World Alive in January!

01/27 to 02/03

01/20 to 01/27

01/13 to 01/20

01/06 to 01/13


Please hire a proofreader. The common bird pic is wrong and Maxima shade is no longer green.


Yikes seriously how could you guys get that soo wrong; like I’m seriously in awe of how this is possible and why is blue a two day strike if it’s a master strike with 1 stage?

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Starting off the year with MORE mistakes than usual! Come on ludia, it’s not that difficult is it?

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Wasn’t there one someone posted that said it was Cleanse and counter attack? this one is just cleanse.

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The forum image…

Yesterday’s social media image…

Wrong dino images and differences in strike tower durations and types.


So they purposely messed up wow what a surprise…

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Suddenly, Ardentismaxima becomes a legendary.
I hope it’s Carnotarkus.

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Makes the game more interesting. Different announcements on different platforms and come Monday, it could be completely different creatures in the strikes!

And to further add to the mystery… Will there even be strike towers on Monday? What time will they appear? Will they all appear, then disappear? They could all be regular drops, or no drops at all! Who is going to get a Premium incubator from a strike? Who is going to get no incubator at all??? Will rewards change? Will users collect before they change? Will some users get no rewards at all??? Will there be boost sales on Monday? Ok ok. That last one we pretty much are assured of.

I tell ya. Logging in on Monday is pretty exciting. We have a pool going as to who can guess the amount of errors that will occur. Guessing zero has never won.


Found 6 mistakes on forum picture. Somebody was doing bad photoshop.

OMG how poor is Ludia. I mean honestly, what you lot doing?

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These recent mistakes makes Jorge’s occasional mistake look like nothing.

All semblance of quality control has left the building.


I mean I don’t get surprised so much these days from Ludia’s incompetence but this is beyond a joke. They already had the weekly schedule posted on Twitter, yet the so-called CM posts this that has multiple mistakes, doesn’t even say Counter Attack anymore either.

I am honestly lost for words with this lot.

There is always a mistake in their social network schedules and thing like that, been happening for a while.

Hopefully its just a sort of inside joke they have going, coz if not…lol

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I would love if they had each week already filled in so we could see what is coming up later in the month.

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E.DCommunity Manager
There is a mistake on this weeks event calendar namely the * Phorusrhacos * dinosaur as shown on the calendar is not the correct dinosaur the picture that is actually showing is the * Legendary Phorasaura * instead so i am asking has there been a mistake somehow are we meant to get the Legendary Phorasaura or the normal Phorusrhacos instead .?.
Kind regards JoeVolcano27 :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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The difference here being that they posted the correct version on Twitter 2 days ago and then the image posted here yesterday is completely different and incorrect.

It’s like this is the original non-proof read version. So it’s not just about mistakes on schedules now, it’s about the inconsistency of what they post on different social networks.

How difficult is it to post the same image they used on Twitter. This shows a new level of incompetence.

I think there is a serious lack of team cohesion amongst the various departments.


Ardentismaxima is shown in legendary color too and that was still not fixed. Should be Carnotarkus, if there’s anything at all on Sunday. Unless we suddenly get a legendary version of Ardentismaxima.
Also, I didn’t see a golden incubator (not epic) but instead a blue one and one with blue lid.

So there was a blue strike event today which matched the schedule posted on twitter but not the one posted in this thread.

However both show the common event creatures lasting 3 days through Wednesday but the timers in game say they will not be up tomorrow.

So both are wrong i guess.