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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | January 2021

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am i the only person who didn’t see a single blue strike?

What’s next week’s calendar hope it’s good with a possible legendary to dart on Sunday plz…



Unique’s on Sunday! I need that Tryko DNA!

Dakota incubator. I’ll finally have a chance to catch that Dark Raptor.


YES beautiful that tryko will be a huge help


Yeet i can finally get acro


tryko?! thor?! WOW

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is it 1 attempt on uniques or 2

When it’s multiple Uniques, it’s only 1 attempt. So you have to choose which you want to use it on.

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Right after I finish tryko. But I stil need rex for erlidom. And Friday dakoraptor

Damn, just the two uniques i don’t need. But they are extremly usefull for new players. Great week because of the dilophosaurus, the epics and the incubator on friday.


Thor ew, why this trash

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Acro dilo tryko this is an amazing week


Not to bad

Why does everyone like dilophosaurus so

And awesome calendar ludia

new oviraptor and ouranosaurus hybrids, and the oranosaurus dilo dilocheirus superhybrid
Idk how to spell em off the top of my head

I went for all the ones on Monday because I need them all to evolve my thoradolasaur to 24. As for the rares dilophosaurus is good for overlophosaurs and diloranosaurs which is used for dilorachirus and I can always use more T. rex but the uniques are a hard choice

Which one is easier to dart?