[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | January 2022


Your one-stop for all the events coming to Jurassic World Alive in January!

01/05 to 01/11

01/12 to 01/18

01/19 to 01/25

01/26 to 02/01


Hopefully chests on sunday are indeed meant to be a “treasure hunt” and not only a single spin :sweat_smile:

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Another chance to get free arctodus dna


my only complaint with the new calendar change is having rares on Monday and Tuesday. TBH i kinda feel like we should just have 4 days of rares and ignore the commons. 24 attempts is hard to get in two days.

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This is a very interesting week. Spinocon and tryko are both great options however I am going to dart spinoconatrictor.

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y r the dropdowns empty

Oh NOOO! I have to choose between more Carno and more Arctodus?! But I need to get Arctodus for Vasilas ;_;

Why?! This is so not fair. With this, plus rumors of Carnotarus being exclusive, I’m really gonna need more Carno to get my Scorpios to 30. But Arctovasilas is going to be such a pain.

Maybe I can just dart some Carno and the rest be bear. If I can get my Scorpios to level 30, I can just focus on the bear. I could worry about Indotarus for a later period.

Okay. I suppose I’ll work on Arctodus. I need it more than Carno (but just barely).

The Alliance champion ship is Scorp G3 this month

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Yes I’m so happy about that. But with my fusing luck, I need as much Carno as I can. With my alliance and their skill, I can almost guarantee ~200 DNA, but after that I still need to get the DNA to push that last leg to 30. But I guess my main barrier is Gorgo so that’s my thing. It’s just good to have extra Carno DNA so I can level it up, since it’s still at level 10.


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That’s kinda worrying if it’s true

I am excited to get gorgo from the AC because I have about 5 fuses of Scorp G2 already. Haven’t used all of my mono G2 and Carbon for it yet thankfully. But my gorgo is only lvl 16.

So ludia dosen’t spoil the next few weeks. They’re updated when they announce them on twitter, Usually sundays (Now tuesdays)

Hey Ludia, can y’all post the February one?