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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | July 2020

JULY 2020

Your one-stop for all the events coming to Jurassic World Alive in July!

Note: We’ve made a couple of minor changes in the Event calendar’s presentation.

07/27 to 08/02

07/20 to 07/26

07/13 to 07/19

07/06 to 07/12


@E.D There’s no attempt numbers for the creatures or number of battles on the incs.

Unlimited attempts.
Great week!


@E.D there seems to be something wrong with the intern who makes this every week. I think he’s broken.


Also only 1 epic? And Special Scent?

Wow, not a single useful dinosaur!.. looks like we all get the week off :sunglasses:

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Not even trails . I think they are working on update

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Why are there less incubators. They are my only source of coin since it is hard for me to make 10,000 without them.


It is still not safe to go out. I hope you give us more incubators to battle.


This is it, they’ve gone back to the old schedule.

Not only that, they gone back to the old old schedule. No number of battles for the strike towers, no number of attempts. The bare minimum information.

I understand reverting to the original schedules pre-lockdown, but how can they go back to a schedule that lacks the detail the old ones used to display.

My opinion of this company gets lower and lower every week.


this game needs more things to do not less

This tower has been out of my zone for almost 24 hours, this are the few chances that we can get some coins and DNA, I think you people are in denial, is almost that you dont get it, there is a virus sicking and killing people, not to mention that in the south of the world is winter, so is not a pic nic out there. Try to improve the game, not to screwe it.

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That tower has been there since Tuesday.

Really…Lydia, so few incubators and so few green supply drops. Not only am I at high risk to have a bad time with Covid because of health, I’m 100% disabled and CAN’T go for a walkabout. Really disappointed.

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Dime, rex g2 and allo g2 for me


whoo. they added allo g2 to fierce week. and an entelochops master strike. I’m happy for this week.


It’s good that they are finally mixing the creatures up a bit more.

But it feels like they removed number of attempts and number of battles etc due to the frequent mistakes they make, so I guess removing them entirely reduces the chances of making mistakes?

Be happy it’s not Moth

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whoops wrong pig.

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