[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | July 2022

JULY 2022

Your one-stop for all the events coming to Jurassic World Alive in July!

07/06 to 07/12

07/13 to 07/19

07/20 to 07/26

07/27 to 08/02


I’ll dart Rexy for idk and Spino for Spinoconstrictor

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I’ll dart allo since I need the dna for my Thor

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Also I’m probably darting Trex since I’m on my way to get Trykosaurus

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Giga, Rexy, and Alberto will be my go to

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Yay more chances for free rexy and giga dna

Two legendary dart attempts you say?


Fewer attempts on epics and rares.

Same here my man same here

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Ay more rexy

why are you celebrating

I am going for indominus Rex though