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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | June 2020

JUNE 2020

Your one-stop for all the events coming to Jurassic World Alive in June!

06/29 to 07/05

06/22 to 06/28

06/15 to 06/21

06/08 to 06/14

06/01 to 06/07


Only two epic creatures and one legendary. :smile:

What’s the point of this thread when you don’t show us the entire month of June? We already get the weekly announcements on Sundays.


For people who aren’t on Twitter or Facebook.


Agree, would love to see the month in advance to be able to plan…or even 2 weeks at a time


It would be nice if it showed the availability of you finding these strikes!

On Monday I could see the blue strike miles off in the distance whereas I had 7 of the others around me!

Even before covid the distribution of events wasn’t spread out well but this is worse now.

It’s been mentioned before but an events tab would be great so you don’t miss anything. Exploration for finding dinos and darting then?

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I wish vip let you have vip

I mean I wish vip let you have double xp it would make vip better

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Did anyone see the 7 step strike tower yesterday (wed) that’s listed on the schedule


It was just 1 step, and it was there. Just not that plenty according to some people.

Yeah… Some new players would appreciate Having Rexy, Blue, and a shot at having Indominus in their collection. I know that I certainly would

The only thing I’m really going for is Indominus Rex.

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Yeah, this will be helpful in my grind for a 22 indom.

Where do they spawn

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I’m going for I don and blue already have trex

Excuse me,what does 6/6 hour or 1/6 hour mean?Is it means that we can dart 6 epics every 6 hours??I am new to the game and please let me know!

It means that in 6h the creature respawn…for example…when the event starts…and you see a T-Rex…in 6h it changes to Blue or T-Rex

THANKS! You helped me alot😄

You’re welcome :grinning:

Speaking of event calendars, don’t we usually have it by now?