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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | June 2021

Has anyone found the legendary strike tower yet?

She can be very useful in many apex raids. I love my tryostronix with her 9570 rampage after ready to crush :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

They should make a goat event with the goat and unlockable creature

The dodo event strike tower wasn’t that good I only got ten dodocevia dna

I figured out my plan I will dart the ankylosis and kentrasaur hybrid then indominous then finally the tryannolouphsour

So funny lol

NGL I hope they add titanobao for next week or next month as that’s the only thing I need for dilophoboa

what a lovely week …i just wish alloraptor was in i only need 3 dna to unlock

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Guys I got the dodo hybrid

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So now I can spend all my try’s on the trex and dilo hybrid to start working on tenato

Well this week ins

Damn I hoped for unique rush. this week sucks

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I don’t like this week, I would rly like some more dodo, cause that’s what I need

The strike tower works by defeating dinosaurs you get a special reward which is an upgrade to your dinosaurs there are three health,attack,speed

Hey guys wanna know a secret how to see what new creatures and bosses we are getting just download the Jurassic world feild giude app

Should I get Indominus Rex gen 2 or Spinothraptor?

It not even legendary it an epic week you can say hte red ones are legendary

They were speaking of the legendary rush event I believe

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Sad we don’t get to dart both para lux and scorpius rex ;(

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