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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | March 2020

MARCH 2020

Your one-stop for all the events coming to Jurassic World Alive in March

03/30 to 04/05

03/23 to 03/29

03/16 to 03/22

03/09 to 03/15

03/02 to 03/08


This event is absurd. So many exigencies for a very low reward!


Something is wrong here. This was after restarting the game after the change over.


I noticed that too. It also won’t let me battle it

Sigh, wish it would work but it doesn’t :pensive:.

me too. restarted the game and now all the epic strikes are gone :joy:

Yeah all epic strikes are gone from my map

no more epic strikes.

Hey everyone, thanks for letting us know! Let me see if I can get some information from our team. :thinking:

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its back with the weird name still, but you can battle it now


It’s back! And I got the W
image image


Use as part of week’s showcase.
I need it

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I didn’t happen to me

E.D Community Manager …
What the SNARF.?. what has happened to this weeks event calendar please.?.
( 03/16 to 03/22 = 16th of March 2020 to the 22nd March 2020 ) it is not there at all and its already gone past its due by date by a day already .!.
Are we actually going to see this weeks event calendar at all or have the LUDIA staff that post about upcoming events etc forgotten about posting it this week.?.

I actually have been checking everyday

FINALLY!!! You’ve done it! You uploaded the event calendar

Why was Blue removed from the epic group this week?

It started with

Then it changed to

And now it is

Zero point in wasting darts on the current epics.


Completely agree with you statement.

I spent hours today hunting outside (less people around to worry about due to Corona thus can spend time out on my bike.

During those hours starting from Dawn (I used many scents) and found 5x new deer epic (3x without scents and proximity spawn with-in 800m range of each other; plus darted more than 15 rare turtles BUT I didn’t even bothered darting a single epic from this weeks event.

Above detail just to emphasize that how bad Ludia just do these events specially when they mark them events on the week where some important real life thing going on.

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