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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | May 2020

MAY 2020

Your one-stop for all the events coming to Jurassic World Alive in May!

05/25 to 05/31

05/18 to 05/24

05/11 to 05/17

05/04 to 05/10


It’s kinda bad not gonna lie

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The only thing that’s hype is kentrosaurus


Wow another bird… I don’t even use up all my attempts anymore. Idc it’s all crap. I’m not a complainer or Even a commenter honestly lol But this is getting ridiculous

There’s also grypo, sarco, and nunda

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You really should find ways to feature creatures that get people hyped. We haven’t even seen Titanoboa as an event. Then you got things like Mammoth, Allo g2, carbonemys, and others.

You do have creatures to feature that would excite people. But you choose to keep them locked away.

Use them…


The problem lies with lockdown. If we have a Cenozoic event, i can imagine the anger from the player base due to Ludia being insensitive. Players unable to catch the creatures they want due to being unable to leave their homes.

Until most of the world can go at least to the nearest park to hunt, Ludia is within logic to have meh events. Ludia being within logic is a rare.thing.

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Mr Spock science officer from star trek the original series would agree with you there but would put it simply as this >>> ** to enrage your players is simply * ILLOGICAL * lol :joy: :laughing: :joy:

The creatures that make me hyped are only marsupial lion , spinosaurus , sarcosuchus and kentrosaurus and another boring week comes in by :[

Please explain to me how to know the hours of the most incubators, for example at this time I can’t find the epic, and what the numbers next to it mean…


Oh I see you with the T-Rex and -Rex gen 2

does anyone know about what time is the earliest we’ll be able to see the epic strike today

It should appear at 10 pm edt.

put blue to event calendar in June I think it is great


December daily. And May season.

Actually, on second thought, hand out Blue like candy so long as Indo Gen 2 gets that nerf it deserves.


yes. All the wonderful dinos. Do they do this once a month or is it once a 3 months.

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Where do you see kentrosaurus?