[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | May 2022

MAY 2022

Your one-stop for all the events coming to Jurassic World Alive in May!

05/04 to 05/10

05/11 to 05/17

05/18 to 05/24

05/25 to 05/31


ooh we get to dart thylaconyx, cool!

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The rare darting event is a joke, ‘lets put the 3 dinos everyone is short of up at the same time’.


Oh, wow! What a terrific week! Thank you so much!

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Yes, but at least we still get them, and at least I don’t have to drive to fulfill my quota because I need them all - which in this current economy saves a lot of money :slight_smile: Gas is so expensive it’s cheaper to buy incs :rofl:

“Hmmm… :thinking: How can we make already exclusive dinos even MORE exclusive… I know, we’ll give people a chance to dart them, but - get this! - we’ll put them all in the same event! That way they won’t get as much of one thing without missing out on more of something else… huh? huh? Pretty good, right? Can I get a promotion now?”

Thanks Ludia. Real nice.


Straight alberto for me. I figure its only antojer update till anky lux is pushed out and albertocevia is currently very meta and i liek it more.

Im currently fusing for the apex bear and cevia, plus trying to level up the bird for its hybrid, so literally the exact 3 things im working on!!!

Definitely will go for thylaconyx, Rodrigues, alberto and anurognathus

As much as I’m building a good team of snakes, I’m going for the teddy panda bear as I think it’s going to get a hybrid and I want to have enough to unlock it.

Then I’m working to get the Rod hybrid as mine is currently 15 so this should help get me closer or to 20 to start fusing. Then I’ll have all 18 flocks at team level.

rares: solitaire and bort
commons: none
epics: panda snek and bumpy also anrug
Legendary: taco im closer for it so

I forgot what I was doing in here lol, imma think for a sec

I was gonna see if the other legendarys are 3 attempts too, and they are

thanks super

I don’t have Rexy anywhere in the horizon and the weather is pretty bad rn, can someone confirm Rexy is actually available on the event drops?

This weekend has a strike tower. It is also under the green drops.
Only problem i have is deciding between rexy & the bear as im about 2/3s of the way to vas.