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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | November 2020


Your one-stop for all the events coming to Jurassic World Alive in November!

NOTE: The Treasure Chase is only 1 collect per day.

11/30 to 12/06

11/23 to 1129

11/16 to 11/22

11/09 to 11/15

11/02 to 11/08


Very happy with this, thanks!

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YES! I need more chompers, yes sirree!

I’m trying to work towards a unique, and the unique I’m targeting is Trykosaurus.
I’ll eventually get Ankytrino, but I really need more t rex DNA.
SO thank you Ludia!

No tournaments this month what’s up with that?

can we please get some events with blue and the other raptors in them pleaseee

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Very happy with Dimetrodon and T Rex. Always short of those.

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I love this event can’t wait. Can you make an event that Has Rajasaurus? I really need the DNA of it…

Yeah. blue is IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of.
Completely with you, Brianna

Blue was the impostor

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Please Pachy event please would love to finish up Smilonemys.

Trykosaurus is one of my favs!! Definitely power it up

again t-rex YAS!! I need It very much

Yo it’s going to be sick!!!

This week Mammoth is the only thing I need.

Not bad, but not necessarily the best either

Sorry to point this out but the schedule for this week is incorrect. If you noticed it says counter attack hybrid showcase. The incubators on the map today had raja, pterano, and concave. I think those make more sense considering the title of the event.

Not exactly sure what’s going on with counter attack, but I’m just happy with the dinosaurs. Thank you, Ludia!