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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | November 2020

Hey guys I’m just asking what I should dart this week?

Would love to have a blue event soon. Hopefully coming in December.
(I bet it won’t happen until Jurassic World Dominion comes out…)

YES! This event has all of the dinosaurs I need!!! Thanks so much Ludia!!

And is the next movie Dominion or extinction because some say dominion and some say extinction

I want all the epics… I love alloraptor a lot but Gemini is… gemini. But I’m a lot closer to ardentis…

Of course, Brachi AND Diplod in same week, other than that this freaking rocks. Gaia strike will be hard tho

The epics are a hard choice but i’ll go with Diplodocus

no treasure chase this week? @E.D


Happy with all special events. Thanks

i need diplo for gem but brachio for ardentis and dont really need allo

anyway any body know the support key ?

to the game

like its the weird code in the in app settings i need to know it so please respond

It’s at the bottom of the loading screen when you restart the game.

oh okay ill look for it thanks